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We can offer a customized version of any of our eval systems for as little as $2495 NRE, with no minimum quantity.

Custom Evaluation System Features:
  • Same base features of the base eval system you select.
  • Your additional features.
  • Two weeks leadtime typical.
Custom Evaluation System Benefits:
  • Same rich benefits of the base eval system you select.
  • Full electrical testing of each board.
  • Two-week leadtime (typical) from schematic approval to boards in hand greatly accelerates your schedule.
  • No hodge-podge wiring leading to unnecessary debugging effort.
  • Avoid common MSP430 design errors by starting with a proven core.
  • Design is captured early, leading to a better-documented project.
  • Modifications are much less expensive.
  • The verified lab version is repeatable.
  • Scale up to hundreds of prototypes for little or no additional NRE.
  • Conversion to a production model is usually only a layout change away.

NRE starts at $2495, and includes up to 20 components and 200 connection points (enough for two or three moderately dense ICs and supporting discretes), and full electrical testing. Additional components and connection points extra. Some simple large-pin count designs may qualify for the $2495 NRE even if they exceed the parameters above.

Unit prices in small quantity are the same as the base price of the original eval system, plus $99 each for the ES series. Customized D-series demos and T-series tiny eval systems are the base cost plus $49.

When we deliver the boards, our components are already populated, just mount your additional parts, and you are ready to start writing firmware. As you can imagine, this is much better than grafting other circuitry onto an eval system! And, once we have produced your first version, we can make tweaks with reduced NRE for additional iterations. If you want to take advantage of this offer, send us a rough BOM of additional parts and we'll give you a quote right away.

Base NRE and unit pricing includes two-layer, 0.062" FR4, LPI, silkscreen top only, 8mil traces/spaces, 0.020" vias, and 0.025" SMT pitch. Similar form factor as the base eval systems. More advanced options available upon request.


Here's how to get our eval systems customized for your project:

Step 1: Choose the base evaluation system with the MSP430 you require on your project.

Step 2: Sketch the additional hardware you need.

Step 3: Email or fax the additional hardware sketch to us, and assign a part number to the assembly.

Step 4: We quote the customization.

Step 5: Upon receipt of order, we integrate your additional components on our base eval system.

Step 6: We send the integrated schematic for your approval.

Step 7: After your approval, we manufacture the number of boards you require.

Step 8: Boards arrive at your facility with our parts populated. Assemble your parts onto the boards, and you're ready to start writing software. Or, if you prefer, we can quote assembly from your parts kit, or procurement and assembly of your parts.

Handling Fee: Unless otherwise specified, SoftBaugh orders under $100.00 USD will be subject to a $10.00 USD handling fee.

Signature Proof of Delivery Required: We require a signature for all shipments. If you wish to waive the signature requirement, please mention it in the order comments. If you choose to waive the signature you assume all responsibility for receipt of the shipment.

Restocking Fee: All non-defective returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Shipping charges are not refundable. Product must be unopened in original packaging and suitable for resale. Products held for over 30 days or returned without a Return Material Authorization will not be accepted. Items damaged due to customer mishandling or misuse are not returnable. Software is not returnable.

Customers outside US: Due to the high cost of sending and accepting wire transfers, any orders paid by wire will be subject to a $40 wire fee. We accept checks at no additional charge by mail in US currency, or in foreign currency at the applicable current exchange rate. Please state your payment preference in the order comments. We require payment on all international orders before shipping.

Credit cards: We accept American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. If you wish to pay using one of these credit card types, fill out the form on the confirmation email you receive after placing your order and fax it back to us. International customers paying by credit card do not incur a wire fee.

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