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STM32 Demo Boards

MSP430 Evaluation Systems
ES2274 for F22x4/F22x2
ES449 for F44x
ESG439 for FG43x
ES437 for F43x
ESW427 for FW427
ES427 for F42x
ES417 for F41x
ES169 for F16x/F15x
ES1611 for F1611
ES1232 for F1232

MSP430 RF Boards
MRF1611CC1100 RF Module
DZ1612 Zigbee Demo
DZMD1612 RF Demo

MSP430 Demo Boards
DG439V LCD Demo
DIr169 Infrared Demo

MSP430 Breadboard Units
BLCDA4 for F41x
B169 for F16x/F15x
B1611 for F1611
B149 for F149
B1491 for F1491
B2131 for F21x1
B1232 for F12xx
B1121 for F11x1


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Our MRF1611CC1100 packet radio module for the MSP430 allows you to experiment with point-to-point and star networks using the CC1100 and the MSP430F1611.

It features:

  • Self-contained 915 MHz RF packet radio, with reprogrammable MSP430F1611.
  • 4 user LEDs.
  • Up to 36 user IOs available at 50-mil sockets.
  • Support for SMA, MCX, and MMCX antennae.
  • 32 kHz watch crystal on XT1.
  • Optional HC49US footprint on XT2, with capacitors suitable for 18pF operation.
  • 100k 1% ROSC for up to 8MHz operation via the internal DCO.
  • Sample code for packet-based transfers.
  • Access to JTAG and BSL functionality.
  • On-board analog supply conditioning.

Pricing and Ordering Information

To order any of our products, you may order directly from us (Net 30 or credit card) by phone or e-mail, or here via our e-store:

Part Number Price Description Order
MRF1611CC1100-N-N-N 119.00 MRF1611CC1100 Only Add to Cart
MRF1611CC1100-N-H-N 172.00 MRF1611CC1100 and HMRF1611 Add to Cart
MRF1611CC1100-N-HR-N 197.00 MRF1611CC1100, BRS232, and HMRF1611 Add to Cart
MRF1611CC1100-N-HR-T 222.00 MRF1611CC1100, BRS232, HMRF1611, and printed text Add to Cart
MRF1611CC1100X5-N-N-N 539.00 Five MRF1611CC1100 Add to Cart
MRF1611CC1100X5-N-HX5-N 778.00 Five MRF1611CC1100 and five HMRF1611 Add to Cart
MRF1611CC1100X5-N-HX5RX2-N 823.00 Five MRF1611CC1100, two BRS232 and five HMRF1611 Add to Cart
MRF1611CC1100X5-N-HX5RX2-T 848.00 Five MRF1611CC1100, two BRS232, five HMRF1611, and printed text Add to Cart
MRF1611CC1100X5-N-HX5RX5-N 898.00 Five MRF1611CC1100, five BRS232 and five HMRF1611 Add to Cart
MRF1611CC1100X5-N-HX5RX5-T 923.00 Five MRF1611CC1100, five BRS232, five HMRF1611, and printed text Add to Cart

Or, if you prefer, order via one of our distributors.

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  • Printed manual and tutorials available as ISBN:978-0-9754759-0-4.
  • Use with our HMRF1611 host module to provide a convenient lab development tool.
  • Need an RS232 interface? Add our BRS232 to the footprint provided in the prototyping area of the optional HRMF1611.
  • Program via JTAG with our USBP programmer for USB.

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DemoMRF1611CC1100.zip Demo firmware for IAR Kickstart

MRF1611CC1100 Schematics (PDF)

MRF1611 Mounting Holes (PDF)

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Q1: Why does this board not support Zigbee?
A1: The packet format used by the CC1100 hardware is not compatible with the Zigbee protocol. And, we developed this prototyping system because of the specific RF needs of most MSP430 customers.

Most of our customers who are interested in wireless on the MSP430 initially start off thinking Zigbee, but soon realize that it is overkill for their application. Many times a customer is forced into a larger and more expensive MSP430 simply because they choose Zigbee.

However, we have found that what customers are really asking for would work fine in a star network topology. The hub of the star (often a data collection device in MSP430 applications) may have access to plenty of power, but the nodes (often remote sensors) are much more limited in power, and the requirement to behave as a mesh node places far too much strain on them in the Zigbee model. Customers who truly need a mesh network and all its capabilities usually have nodes unconstrained by power, and if that is the case, other processors with more memory are often more appropriate in these applications.

It is for this reason that we have developed the MRF1611CC1100 concept, demo firmware, and book explaining the concepts.

Since releasing this material, we sell more of the MRF1611CC1100 systems than the DZ1611/DZ1612 or DRFG4618 combined.

Q2: Can I just use a wire as an antenna?
A2: Absolutely! A 3.25" wire soldered to the center hole in the antenna layout makes an excellent lab antenna.

Q3: How do I add a crystal to XT2?
A3: Two 33pF capacitors are already assembled at C10 and C11 (near X2). These capacitors are intended to support high-frequency operation with an 18pF crystal in an HC49US package. Be sure to use a mylar spacer to keep the crystal away from the circuitry.

Q4: How do I add a ceramic resonator to XT2?
A4: A three-terminal ceramic resonator (ZTT-series, for example) can be added at XT2 by removing C10 and C11.

Q5: The 300 page User's Guide is too large to print. Can I get a printed copy?
A5: This User's Guide is available in printed form from Amazon.com. You can also purchase it from this website under the MSP430 Books link at the top of the page.

Q6: I am trying to get my MRF1611CC1100 board to enter a lower power mode. But, when the board wakes back up and needs to use the CC1100, the radio fails. What should I look for?
A6: Make sure after powering-down the CC1100 that you reload the PATABLE. According to the datasheet, this information doesn't survive a power-down.

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