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Our USB MSP430 Flash Bootloader (UBSL) allows convenient, secure access to all MSP430 Flash parts, even if the JTAG security fuse is blown. Plus, our free UBSL Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to control this adapter from your applications.

It features:

  • Allows convenient, secure access to all MSP430 Flash parts, even if the JTAG security fuse is blown.
  • Our UBSL Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to control this adapter from your applications.
  • Includes CBLUSB USB 2.0 Cable
  • We do not recommend using our tools for MSP430X devices
  • We do not support the MSP430F5xx devices in any capacity.

This item has been discontinued and may no longer be ordered.


UBSL Software Install with SDK, Released 13 May 2005 This link is for historical purposes only. Newer MSP430s require using the UBSL via PrgUSBP.

USBP/UBSL Drivers and Applications v02.03.03c Includes the PrgUSBP and CmdLinePrgUSBP utilities. Adds UBSL & fixes the MSP430X debug bug.

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Q1: I have run the UBSL_Install.exe but when I try to run the software I receive the error: FTD2XX.DLL cannot be found. Or I am asked for this file when I connect the UBSL to my computer. Where do I find the drivers for the UBSL?
A1: New for 2008: The drivers for the UBSL are now included in the InstallSoftBaughUSBP.exe file. They will be located in your UBSL_Driver folder,

eg. C:ProgramFiles/SoftBaugh/UBSL_Driver.

To install these drivers:

  1. Connect the new UBSL to your computer's USB port.
  2. Windows should recognize a new USB device. If not, an incorrect driver was installed instead. In this case, open Device Manager and delete the offending driver, then unplug and replug the UBSL.
  3. The driver installation wizard should appear. Choose the installation option that lets you select the driver's location.
  4. The drivers should be in your UBSL_Driver folder.
  5. If you receive the message "This driver has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP." Click Continue Anyway.
  6. The driver installation wizard will inform you when it has finished installing the drivers.

Q2: When using BootFlashUBSL.exe I get the following error when trying to perform a mass erase:

Unable to read ack
Comm receive timed-out, 0 bytes available ()

What is causing this error?

A2: Before performing a mass erase you must press the "Seize Target" button. Once the target has been seized then a mass erase is possible.

If all you are wanting to do is write a file then we suggest you use BootWriteUBSL.exe instead of BootFlashUBSL.exe.

New for 2008 The UBSL is now supported from within the PrgUSBP utility, easing your programming project effort!

Q3: What pins do I connect to the UBSL?
A3: It depends on your target IC. See the table below:

MSP430F20xx Not supported
MSP430F21xx/F22xx P1.1ncP2.2RSTGNDVCCTESTncncnc

Q4: Can I use the UBSL to access the memory above 0xFFFF on MSP430X devices?
A4: Not at present.

Q5: What MSP430 families do you recommend for use with the UBSL?
A5: We prefer that these tools be used with the F1xx and non-MSP430X F2xx/F4xx parts.

Q6: When will you add support for the forthcoming MSP430F5xx family?
A6: We have no current plans to support the MSP430F5xx family in any capacity.

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