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Tom Baugh is the founder of SoftBaugh.

Trade Shows, Part I

Trade shows can be a valuable business tool, if used correctly. Most people are familiar with how big trade shows are run, and some of the elaborate displays and booths that try to capture the attention of passer-by in the all-important first few seconds. Whether you are an exhibitor at a trade show, or an […]

Small Business Credit

Small business credit, especially a credit card for your small business, can be very useful as an accounting tool. Whether you decide to incorporate, remain a sole proprietor, or operate as an LLC, having a purchasing card for your small business helps you make day-to-day decisions about whether purchases are personal or business-related. Each monthly […]

Happy Business Tax Day!

That’s right, a month before most people get excited about what their refund might be, business owners across the country have been struggling to get their business tax returns across the finish line on March 15th, the deadline for business taxes. If you work for a small business, ever wonder why your boss gets cranky […]

The Best Times To Prospect

One of the most important differences between running a small business and simply having a job is the need to attract customers to your business or your services. Sales and marketing (two different but related activities) requires specialized knowledge and skills. Many small business owners hate doing these activities almost as much as they hate […]

Your Small Business Checking Account

You started your small business, and now what? An important first step is to get a business checking account, even if you intend to operate as a sole proprietorship. Review our “Should I Incorporate?” article for an overview of the different formats you can choose for your business. For anything other than a sole proprietorship, […]

The Idle Manager Myth

A common brunt of office jokes is that the boss doesn’t do anything; the team is doing all the work, anyone can see that. Sometimes, of course, it is true that there are managers who truly don’t do anything, but there’s another way of looking at the manager who seems to do nothing all the […]

Make Mistakes Quickly

When running a small business, it is important to make mistakes. A lot of them. And as fast as you can. That seems counter-intuitive, but it is true. Embracing your mistakes and the opportunity hidden inside each one gives you a huge competitive advantage over larger companies. At the typical risk-averse BigCo, mistakes can often […]

Your Open Source Office

Years ago, we were constantly in the software update rat race. In our business, we used some vendor-specific development tools, which were always being updated, and we did a lot of PC-based application development. As a result, we were paying through the nose for the latest operating systems and office software. Our technical tools for […]

Incorporation Tax and Filing Myths

Since posting the “Should I Incorporate?” article, some have brought up issues that fall into the realm of myths. It is important to note that entire industries have sprung up around servicing small businesses, including CPAs, HR professionals, financial planners, payroll services and so on. Some of these professionals greatly overstate the risks as a […]