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Lay-Flat Paperback, 605 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9754759-4-2
LCCN: 2010906917
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Software Development I: with Python

Named for an offbeat comedy troupe, the open-source Python programming language has grown in capability and support to become a serious contender for cross-platform personal computing and server development alike. This course introduces the student to this exciting programming language, cultivating professional software development skills along the way. Yet, this course requires no prior programming knowledge. Organized as sixty-four lessons, sixteen tests and two exams, for a total of 82 lecture units, this course covers the following topics:

Python variable, function, class and environment syntax.
Custom module development.
Software development skills and activities.
Python dictionaries, lists, tuples and iterable types.
Command console operations.
List comprehensions.
Python exception handling.
IPython operations and commands.
Essential built-in Python library features.
An introduction to Matplotlib.
An introduction to wxPython and windowed development.

By the end of the course, students will have learned how to write Python projects, including custom classes and modules. The course culminates with an exploration of windowed application development, including a bitmapped graphics project.

Course Materials:
Price includes text and CD-ROM with instructor's guide for each lesson, tests, exams, solutions guide for exercises, tests and exams, student handouts and completed projects for each lesson. Institutional customers receive one instructor CD-ROM per order regardless of the number of texts purchased. Additional instructor CD-ROMs are available upon request for institutional customers.

Student Prerequisites:
Simple computer skills, including typing, installing programs, starting programs from the Start menu, and finding and opening files with Explorer.

Instructor Prerequisites:
Same as student. No programming experience required to successfully monitor student progress.

Operating System Requirements:
Windows XP or higher, 400 MB free disk space (1 GB preferred).

Errata and Updates:
Corrections to errors in the text or instructor material are available here.

Sample Lesson:
Download and review a sample lesson and sample instructor guide for that lesson.

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