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The Field Phone project is your own personal telephone company! This project allows you to use normal wired telephones for communication within and between buildings and shelters, either for everyday convenience or for security in a crisis when the normal telephone system might not be available.
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Kickstarter Funding

Postby softbaugh » Wed May 04, 2016 10:07 pm

We are launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5000 to offset the initial production costs:

This campaign will allow us to more accurately gauge market interest in the field phone system. We have a choice between offering the system based on pricing of our ordering 100 pieces (higher unit price) or 1000 pieces (lower unit price). We'll be offering the host module and ring interface modules separately, or in a bundle. Here is what comes in a bundle:

1x Field phone host module
1x 18650 lithium iron phosphate (LiPO4) battery
4x Ring interface modules
4x 25' 4-wire phone cables
2x Cable adapter modules

The price breakout is shown in the table below, including what we will be selling the bundle accessories for individually:

Host module1x$79$79$49$49
18650 LiFePO4 battery1x$8$8$8$8
Ring interface modules4x$15$60$10$40
25' cables4x$3$12$3$12
Cable adapters2x$2$4$2$4
Individual totals$163$113
Bundle price (+shipping)$149$99

Our default pricing without Kickstarter would be as shown above for the 100 piece build. If the Kickstarter campaign meets its target, then we'll price components as shown above for the 1000 piece build, even if we don't actually order components at that volume.

The Kickstarter campaign has four perks:

i. $10: a thank you on this forum.
ii. $25: a certificate of appreciation as a founding supporter, plus the thank you.
iii. $150: a field phone bundle, plus the certificate and the thank you.
iv. $400: two field phone bundles, a Dante Nonlethal Intruder Deterrent, the certificate and the thank you.

New: Added a $90 perk consisting of a field phone mini-bundle (host unit, battery and one ring interface module), plus the certificate and the thank you.

We pay shipping on all Kickstarter certificates, kits and Dantes (and the two bundles will require two packages until USPS clarifies their LiFePO4 position). So, supporters at the $150 level are buying bundles at the price that would normally apply without the Kickstarter (actually a little less than that accounting for shipping), and supporters at the $400 level are buying two bundles plus a discounted Dante (normally $199).

Either way, supporters are paying no more for a bundle than they would without Kickstarter, but they are enabling us to price the production units more aggressively for future purchasers.

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Re: Kickstarter Funding

Postby softbaugh » Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:43 pm

Thanks to everyone who backed our Kickstarter project, but sadly, it missed its mark. This will result in the following changes to the project:

First, the field phone project will no longer be open-source; given the limited niche interest, we are going to keep this as a proprietary product to recoup our development costs.

Second, we're still going to reduce the cost of the system somewhat, although not as much as we anticipated if the Kickstarter had shown more market interest. We'll be offering individual host modules for $79, with battery, ring interface modules at $12 each, and a reduced bundle with two ring interface modules, two 25' cables and no cable adapters, for $99. Production units should be available in early- to mid-July.

Third, everyone who was a Kickstarter backer will get special offers, by pledge category:

$1: $1 off their first order
$10: $5 off their first order
$25: $10 off their first order
$50: $15 off their first order
$90: A $99 bundle, as defined above, for $80
$150: The original bundle with 4x ring interface modules, for $99
$400: Two of the original bundles, plus a Dante Nonlethal Intruder Deterrent, for $300

When production units are available, we'll follow-up with coupon codes for these people.

In addition, any blog or site owner who provided supporting posts can pick any one of the above offers as they please.

Thanks again to everyone who helped!


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