Off-Grid Solar

Online shopping isn't the best choice when dealing with very large, heavy sheets of glass (3 feet x 5 feet or larger, 40 pounds each).

We supply local inventory of name-brand solar panels to Southeast Georgia do-it-yourself people. Pickup at our Manassas, Georgia, warehouse and avoid shipping damage, hassle and finger-pointing while trying to return something which was kicked off the back of a truck along the way.

Honey, your solar panels are here!

Don't be victimized by this guy. See our current locally-stocked modules below.

Selecting Solar Components

Solar panels are only one part of the puzzle in a complete off-grid power system. Selecting components for your requirements means understanding what needs you are trying to fill. Want to keep some LED lights running, or do you need to keep freezers full of meat from rotting during a power outage? Unfortunately, many online ads promise more than they deliver, using substandard components such as PWM chargers rather than MPPT chargers, wasting valuable system capacity. Use our Solar Design Guide as a starting point.

Solar Trade-In Program

Have existing solar panels but want to upgrade to larger capacity? Different size solar panels don't usually mix well. It can be done, but requires careful attention, and usually wastes capacity of your larger, more expensive panels.

We now offer trade-in credit for existing solar panels and other selected components, up to 20 cents per watt, as credit toward purchase of new, larger panels, chargers and inverters. This will let you have a more capable system which makes best use of your available capacity. Let us test your existing panels and give you a trade-in quote.

Current Solar Module Inventory

Browse our currently-stocked module inventory. Available inventory and pricing subject to change without notice.

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$269 @ qty 1
$249 @ qty 4+
$225 @ qty 8+
Canadian Solar Black 60-cell Polycrystalline 265W

 265W nominal max power (CS6P-265)
 Individual panel test specs available at purchase
 STC @ 1000 W/m2 open-circuit voltage (Voc): 37.7 V
 STC @ 1000 W/m2 short-circuit current (Isc): 9.23 A
 NOCT @ 800 W/m2 open-circuit voltage (Voc): 34.7 V
 NOCT @ 800 W/m2 short-circuit current (Isc): 7.48 A
 1638 x 982 x 40 mm (64.5 x 38.7 x 1.57 in)
 18 kg (37.9 lbs)
 MC4 compatible connectors
 Polycrystalline, black frame
 New with manufacturer warranty, see Canadian Solar for details. Invoice required for warranty registration.
Contact us for additional information, documentation and ordering details.


Amateur Radio Solutions Available
Our development staff now includes Amateur Extra radio FCC licensees, increasing the breadth of our existing wireless development services.
Posted: 12 Nov 2015
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