Happy Business Tax Day!

That’s right, a month before most people get excited about what their refund might be, business owners across the country have been struggling to get their business tax returns across the finish line on March 15th, the deadline for business taxes.

If you work for a small business, ever wonder why your boss gets cranky about this time each year, or the week or so after the end of each quarter? Because of this special day for year-end taxes, and more special days each quarter, small business owners live on a different tax calendar than most people. Businesses which use fiscal years are on yet another special tax calendar.

Remember the time management skills article from weeks ago? If you are a small business owner already, or thinking about starting a small business, be sure and read that article again. That system, or one like it, and especially that large paper desktop calendar, will become your best friend. There was a reason we put that article way up front in the roster of small business and project management topics. Think of taxation as a project you get to manage each and every year.

For similar reasons, the open source office article was way up near the front also. Be sure to give that one another look.

Author: Tom Baugh

Tom Baugh is the founder of SoftBaugh.

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